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Switching from magic-wormhole to croc

I recently switched from magic-wormhole to croc.

Why I made the switch?

While magic-wormhole is a great piece of code, there are some shortcomings.

First you have to have a python runtime installed. Which is not a problem for me, but when you want to share files with less tech-savvy users you cannot expect them to install python and then learn how to install python packages, just to send them a file. The next problem is, that they have to use magic-wormhole in a command-line environment. Which is another hurdle.

So I started to look for alternatives.

Then I found croc, which is basically a port of magic-wormhole to golang. The advantages of this are, that where a binaries, which you can just download and will work without any further runtime and you just have to double-click on the binary and paste in the key sequence to receive files.


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